Local SEO Miami.

SEO refers to the search engine optimization  strategy. This is what helps your business be more visible in local search results on Google or any other web browser. Any business that has a physical location or serves a geographic area shall be interested on the benefit obtained from local SEO. Here we describe the most important Local SEO tactic we may implement for your business in Miami. 



Due to the growing boom in Internet use, most of the population uses online tools to find what they are looking for. It is obvious and obvious that appearing in local search results has become increasingly important for all businesses.

What is Google Local Pack?


Google Local Pack is the response of the Google search engine for the public, locally. It is a box where the companies registered within the system are displayed in GMB.

Registering a company with GMB is relatively easy. Appearing on the Google map is an art, it requires various conditions that together are very difficult to achieve.


If your business still isn’t showing up in Google’s local search results, you can be sure you’re missing out on a lot of business opportunities. Any merchant who knows the benefit of being advertised on the Google map will do their best to appear and stay in this publication.

Google My Business (GMB) is a directory that provides a free service that allows you to appear in local search results for queries that are relevant to your business offerings. As a business owner, having a presence in that Google ad is extremely important.

Positioning your company on the Google map (GMB) is much more important than having a presence in any Social Network that you know.

The importance of GMB is that:

  • add your company name,
  • the location and phone,
  • working hours,
  • allows you to see the opinions of your customers,
  • your neighbors will know about you,
  • It is the most convenient SEO tool for your company

Helps monitor customer reviews and respond to inquiries or complaints.

You can add photos using GMB and also collect information about where and how people search for you, and much more.


GMB and Smartphones

The search for local opportunities and solutions online is usually done from smartphones or tablets. This type of mobile search represents the largest number of searches conducted online for almost any leading industry. If you are looking for a plumber, electrician, painter, mechanic; whatever you are looking for, you will generally do it on your smartphone.

Google identified these searches as usual, daily. Giving responses in its search engine with results from companies that are located within the area where the search originates. Some common food and drink searches are heavily geared towards mobile searches, so mobile search visibility is extremely important. Google My Business (GMB) plays a crucial role as these listings dominate mobile search results.


If you decided that your business should be featured on the Google map, you will need to take steps to make this happen.

Successful local SEO and local business ranking requires a long list of essentials:

  • produce good quality content,
  • which has to be optimized locally,
  • get links to your site,
  • Incorporate images to the GMB with labels of the location area,
  • get lots of positive reviews from your customers,
  • many other items.

But the best place to start is to optimize your Google My Business list and start driving reviews. Doing this will surely help you lay a great foundation for your local SEO.

Our Clients Positioned in Google Maps

We, as a Marketing Agency, with experience in Miami web design, with experience on managing social networks, we can definitely help you in positioning your company on the Google map. We know that positioning takes time, while this happens, we can help you with your Advertising. Give yourself a chance, sign up in the digital world and your business will thank you.